Tournament and Competition Knock Out
Draw Bracket & Random Number Generator

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Tournament Knock Out
Draw Bracket Generator


We use the names of the current English Premier League table for this example...
1 2 3
Number your individual entries..
ie. if you have 15 entries, then number them #1 to #15
Enter the number of entries in the above box...
for example, if you had 15 entries, then enter 15
and click Update
Transfer the generated numbers onto your draw sheet
then match the numbers to the names on your entries list

Instructions for Seeded Draw...
  Determine the number of seeded entries
  usually there will be 4, 8 or 16 seeded players etc.
  in this example we say there are 4 seeded players
  and another 3 un-seeded player

Case 1) Seeded Player NOT Randomised...
1 2
Do a draw for 3 players
ie. enter 3 in the above box and click Update
Match the resulting generated numbers to the seeded player
usually in the order of 1,3,4,2

Case 2) Random Location for Seeded Player...
1 2 3
Do a draw for the 4 seed players
ie. enter 4 in the above box and click Update
Do another draw for the 3 un-seeded players
ie. enter 3 in the above box and click Update
Put the 2 generated draw side by side...

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